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"You will never realize the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

- Seth J. Winter


Seth J. Winter, beloved son, brother, cousin, grandson, and friend to many. 


Seth was born on June 29, 1999 and died on April 29, 2020 after an accidental overdose of fentanyl.  He suffered as a teenager from mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse issues for several years.  He had signed up for an electrician program and would have begun in June 2020, but unfortunately never got the opportunity to attend the program. 


He was 20 years old, full of desire to help others feel accepted and loved: playing and watching football, skate boarding, riding dirt bikes, listening to music, being with friends, laughing at silly pranks, engaging in  lively debates, and swimming in the ocean for hours. 

He had a large presence at 6 foot 3, a mischievous smile, a loud laugh that could light up a room, and gave the best bear hugs.  

friends for life 2.png

Friends for life

Image by Mikolaj Felinski

"I’m Elana, Seth’s younger sister.
Seth always made sure to let me know that he wanted to protect me in hard times and would always have my back. I could really count on him if something went wrong and he would help me whatever the situation was. He put others first and showed them he cared for them. His goofiness also showed at all times as he made others laugh. He came up with the silliest and best ideas and one day at dinner, he started talking in funny accents and we could not stop laughing. These are the memories I miss most with Seth as he always cheered me up and brought joy to the room. Talking about Seth makes me feel proud to have him as an older brother because his heart was filled with optimism and positivity."  

ELANA Winter, 18

"I’m Michelle, Seth’s youngest sister.

Throughout childhood, Seth pulled pranks with me, taught me how to be tough and stick up for myself, and always made me smile no matter the circumstance. One time when we were on vacation at the beach, we had nothing to do so Seth let Elana (our sister) and I put peanut butter in his hair for fun. Little moments like those created memories that I still love to tell people about. Even when Seth struggled he was always there to protect me and cheer me up. Seth was always proud of me for the sports I played, grades, and other things. When I tell people about Seth, I make sure they know he had such a big impact on my life due to his kind and goofy heart."

Michelle Winter, 16


Seth j. winter

6/29/1999 - 4/29/2020

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